Ducati Owners Club of Queensland
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Wed 1 Jun 2016 6:00pm
Sat 4 Jun 2016 7:00am
Sun 3 Jul 2016 8:00am
Wed 6 Jul 2016 6:00pm
Sun 24 Jul 2016 8:00am

Welcome to the Ducati Owners Club of Queensland

What's new...

Winter 2016 Desmochronicle

The latest Desmochronicle is now available for download in the members area.  Old world readers of the hard copy version can expect their copy courtesy of Aussie Post in the next couple of days....

Special Guests - June Meeting 1st June from 6.15pm

Come along early to the June Meeting (from about 6.15pm) to view the remarkable and radical Motorinno front suspension system, designed here in SE Qld.  Featured in AMCN and the Courier Mail (amo...

Dorrigo Weekend Run - 4/5th June (News Flash: accommodation is getting tight)

The DOCNSW is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and one of its events is a run to Dorrigo to meet up with DOCQ (as we did a few times many years ago).  Join for a run over great roads with good co...